Manu movie review

Manu movie Telugu review and rating

Manu movie review – A famous shManu movie review and ratingort filmmaker Phanindra Narisetty directed his first film in Tollywood. Starring Raja Goutham and Chandini Chowdary. It is the first ever crowd-funded movie in Tollywood. It is named as manu and this is the manu movie review.

Rating: 6/10


Manu is a mystery romantic thriller and their relation ruined because of three criminal people. What mystery surrounds these different characters forms the rest of the story.

Actors performance : 

Both Gautham and Chandini Chowdary get their career best roles, but the lack of narration and tiresome screenplay blind their subtle performances. Abhiram Verma is a good find and comes up with a noticeable performance. The lead characters are well-etched, it is the pointless execution that mars the overall output of the film.

Manu movie review:

Manu has a strong and interesting character in the story. Director Phanindra Narisetty attempts to showcase this film as an unconventional and unusual one by juxtaposing elements of mystery, thriller and horror genre to make it an intriguing watch for the audience. What initially unfolds like a mystery with a series of murders then transforms into a love story and later makes us believe that it has some horror elements too.

The screenplay is convoluted with twists and turns. Though the narration builds up some intensity in the initial stages of the film, the lengthy runtime proves to be an undoing aspect leaving much more to be desired to make up for a watchable thriller.

The narration loses its steam and also turns out to be absurd due to the scattershot and confusing screenplay. While the first half manages to keep the audience hooked to the proceedings to some extent, the second half is a complete disappointment due to needless narrative exchanges. The wow factor which is needed for a thriller is clearly missing here. The director has also missed out on a few logics in connecting the crucial dots of the plot.


Different concept, climax, twists, bgm.


Runtime, pace.


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