Nawab Movie Review

Nawab telugu movie review

Nawab Movie Review

To sum up the story, we are here to give Nawab Movie Review.

The movie hit theatres in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi.

A Notable Gangster escapes an accident later passes away with a heart attack.

His sons try to find out the truth behind the accident.

Meanwhile, they start fighting each other for the power.

The main question besides finding the culprit is ,who will succeed the power is all about Nawab Movie Review.

Nawab Movie Review:

You’ll find the best and simple Nawab Movie Review.

Prakash Raj is a gangster besides a family man too. Arvind, Arun Vijay, Simbu are descendants of Prakash Raj.

The Main characters in the film are:

Nawab movie review

  1. Arvind: Follows his father footsteps in addition looks after the company and illegal business. Marriage with Jyothika moreover illegal affair with reporter Aditi Rao.
  2. Arun Vijay: Businessman in Dubai also expert in dealing sheiks.
  3. Simbu: Drug Smuggler who smuggles weapons with foreigner besides live in Spain.
  4. Vijay Sethupathi: A Police officer even after his suspension still looks after his family needs.
  5. In the entire story run sethupathi flips character with 3 brothers.

Established and experienced actors like Prakash Raj on one-hand and Jayasudha on other.

Nawab movie review

Massy look from Arvind Swamy, Simbu after a gap came with the good movie.

Vijay Sethupathi as usually lived in his role and made his role interesting.

Story travels with each character but Sethupathi makes his mark once again.

Our Favorites

Mani Ratnam: Director, A.R Rahman: Music, Santosh Sivan: Cinematography.

Highlights – 

Screenplay is good,Background music ,Action episodes and Best Climax.

Great work with camera by Santosh even for his locations.


Suspense which is much predictable still should wait till the climax.

Lag in the story,Characters like Jyothika not having much screen presence.

These type of stories are reaching Bollywood and Kollywood but not Telugu audience.

Rating: 3.5/5


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