U-turn Telugu Movie Review

u turn Telugu movie review and ratings

Here is the U-turn Telugu Movie Review Rachana (Samantha) is an intern reporter for a newspaper. She picks on a U-turn at a flyover which is causing several accidents. On following one of the rule breakers, Rachana lands in police station accused of murder. Did she really kill him or is there any other cause is what the film is all about the U-turn Telugu Movie Review

U-Turn Telugu Movie Review :Uturn Telugu movie Review 2018

Samantha was terrific as the journalist. She has already done a similar part in Mahanati as well. The similarity ends at profession only, and U-Turn takes her in a new direction. There are enough substance and moments where Samantha gets to showcase her acting talent. The pre-climax sequence is chilling, and she aces it. However, the rest is regular stuff, and the actress does it with casual ease. Samantha shines right from the word go in what-could-be the most challenging role in her career. Her intense performance in a few crunch episodes add a whole lot of depth to the movie and rake up the excitement factor. She looks really good in her makeover and her new look suits her quite well.

Actors Performance :

Apart from Samantha playing the lead role, U-Turn is filled with interesting characters played by seasoned actors. Aadhi Pinisetty plays a sincere cop and makes his mark throughout. Rahul Ravindran is an excellent addition. Aadu Kalam Naren is alright. Bhumika plays a surprising role justifying her presence. The rest of the cast are adequate.

Movie Rating :


Highlights :

Right Twists And Turns

Drawbacks :

Beginning, Revelation, Gets Predictable At Times, Alternative Take


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